Saturday, August 9, 2008

Been away for a few but the work continued.

I was entertaining family for a few days but the crew kept working.

Number 2 is dried in except for hanging the door which I will do tomorrow and then Mischa moves in.

Went out today and bought enough lumber to do the porch and framing on number three. The crew ( Mischa and Brendon ) and I put the porch on in under two hours, they're gettin' good, and then tomorrow will be the beginning of framing. Time us!!!!! we will have number three dried in by the 25th of August and then it will be time to put the siding on all three units and do the interiors ( if we can afford it )?

We are seriously movin' ahead now!!
Pictures today are of Number two and then several shots of the floor and porch of number three and then of the path the guys cut through the aspen grove to give access to the Central Facilities from number three.

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M3 said...

WOW! Look at the stain on the stairs and porch...very nice. What cute "houses"! I like the two smaller windows just under the roof. Once the siding is on, they will be wonderful little cottages. You guys are hard workers. Thanks for posting all these pictures. We are just loving this opportunity to stay connected. With gratitude,
M3, BD and MG.