Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's been a slow start.

The current economic down turn has taken its toll on OGM as well as the rest of the country.
We are slow getting started this year due mostly to funding. We have decided to finish some of the smaller projects we started last year as well as the VIP kuti.

Currently we have workmen putting up drywall, installing a shower, putting in kitchen counters and sinks. Within a week or ten days the cabin will be complete, finally.

Next we will put siding on the three small kutis and finish the interiors of the two that need it.
I plan on installing 15 amp electrical to the three small kutis along with running water.

Other projects that are scheduled for this year include a thousand feet of 6ft high fence to keep the deer out of the garden, orchard and general landscaped area. Painting or residing the "Big House" and replace old improper valves at the well head.

There are many other projects waiting that will just have to continue waiting. Another kuti, a new roof for the leaking barn/shop/central facility, road work to improve access and a number of rock walls for beauty and functionality.

I will post pictures in a few weeks when the VIP is complete.

We have lost one of our young yogis. Mischa is off in New Mexico checking out another retreat area. He may stay there or he may even return. We here at OGM wish him well and thank him for all of the work he put in here at the Hermitage helping us build and building his practice.

Also thanks to all of you who have helped us through the last several years. We are prospering slowly and look forward to many more yogis visiting us in the future.

OGM sponsored eight monks for two to three week visits this last winter season. Most recently was Ajaan Geep and Tan Isaac from Wat Metta Forest Monastery. They were here late May and early June. That will be it for the Monks until next winter as the Rains Retreat is beginning shortly and they will all have to stay at their Monastery.

I will travel south next September through November to visit Wat Metta and my meditation Ajaan, Thanissaro Bhikku, and then take some Monks to Mexico camping in the high mountains of Baha.