Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring is here? Maybe!

We have been having a few warm days ( 65 degrees ) but it is still snowing every few days.
110 trees and shrubs have been put in so far this spring. These are either fruit trees for the orchard or wind break/privacy screens for the Kuti sites.

There are two monks coming the end of May and the first of June and then there are going to be four full time lay meditators arriving sometime late June or early July. These four will be here indefinitely, continuing their extended meditation practice.

Brian and I will start the new seasons building projects the middle of May. Finish the VIP Kuti, build a central bath and kitchen facility and put up four "shotgun" cabins for the new meditators.

We will be very busy to say the least.

Once the threat of frost is over I will be moving all of the vegetable plants outside that I have started from seed inside. Looking forward to some good home grown vegetables.