Thursday, September 18, 2008

number 1 is done for now

We have gone as far as we are going this season with number 1 shot gun shack. Number two and three will get a little more work but they will not be finished to the extent number is until next season. Pictures are of Mischa and Brendon inside number 1. Terran has now moved in and continues the retreat he started last month in the VIP Kuti.

We are now working on the central kitchen and bath facility. Pictures of it will follow in several days.
Brian is expected to arrive tomorrow for a weeks visit.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well and interior of number 1

Had a new pump put into the well yesterday as the old one was failing. Pictures of the old and the new.

The crew is panelling number one and I will post the pics in a day or two.

Next week off to buy materials to winterize the Central Facility.

Still no word from the IRS on the 501c3

Monday, September 1, 2008

winding down for the season

Our three meditators, who will be with us for the winter, are moving into their respective cabins over the next few days. We have been doing cosmetic work and have a little more of that yet to do. There will be some things left undone for the winter. Such as: Siding and interior furnishings. We just haven't been able to fund everything this season for three additional buildings.
We are still waiting on the , ever so efficient, IRS for the ruling on our 501c3 status.
There will be a few more entries with construction updates but the end is near for this season.
Temps are dropping into the 30's and snow is not all that far away.