Sunday, April 26, 2009

We've started working.

Well we have started the 2009 season.
Made a number of purchases for the VIP Kuti. Shower, hot water heater, vented propane heater and sinks. We have added to the wiring and will be installing cabinets and counters. This unit will be fully self-contained by mid summer.

I have been working on the garden for this year as well as putting in additional fruit trees and ornamentals. We are still getting frost at night and will continue to do so until early June but with care I will be able to get some things going early.

We had some excitement several days ago here at the Hermitage. The neighbor to the south of our forty acres was doing some burning and left the area unattended. The fire flared up and with a strong south wind was headed our way. It was several hours before the county fire people could respond as they were on another call. I used my tractor to cut fire lines between the fire and OGM property and several of my neighbors did the same. Special thanks to the three Yogis that are staying here as they came down to the scene with shovels and rakes and helped contain the fire until the fire people arrived. Special thanks to Mischa as he spotted several places where the fire had "jumped" onto OGM land and was actually starting to burn behind where we were focused. Mischa put those areas out himself and saved us a major problem. All in all about 4-5 acres was burnt, none on OGM, and about 50-60 trees.

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Unknown said...

Glad everyone is still alive, even though this was a couple months ago!