Thursday, November 27, 2008

almost ready for the Monks

Number five is getting near the "Dried in point". Monks are due next thursday and the sauna/kuti will be ready. Got the sheathing and felt on the roof today and moved the wood stove in. Tomorrow I will finish the walls and install the stove and give it a "smoke" test. Still need to install one window and build a door and install the insulation in the walls and ceiling. Then of course there is also the interior panelling as well as the shingles on the roof and the benches inside the sauna and the porch roof and the privacy screen and the....and the....and the.... and on and on and on.

There is 20 acres for sale right next door to use with some beautiful building sites and a spring as well. Wish we had the $49,000 they are asking........actually a pretty good price. This piece would make a great monastic area.

Pictures are of number five/sauna and from the front porch.

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Brian said...

Lookin' good Rog!